Postcards from the Launch

Innovation Redux

Bjorn Atterstam

A countercultural view on innovation

People Innovation In Action™

Kingsley Dennis

In our complex world we can no longer work with industrial-era hierarchies where information travels in linear paths, usually from the top-down in micro-management bite-sizes.

Not Drowning But Waving

Pele Cox

A PurpleBeach Poem- Compiled and Curated by Pele Cox, Authored and Inspired by Members of the PurpleBeach Launch Community. PURPLE content contributed by PurpleBeach Launch Community

Who do you get to challenge you?

Richard Davies

Margaret Heffernan, author of Willful Blindness talked to PurpleBeach about how we deal with situations at work where everyone can see the problem, but no one does anything about it.

Time doesn’t change things, people do

Richard Davies

Richard Nicholls from the Future Foundation talks about 'personal net growth' and other mega trends affecting today's labour market

The power of mindfulness

Richard Davies

Tara Sheahan, co-founder of the Conscious Global Leadership programme tells Purple Beach how contracting Lyme’s disease from a tick bite caused her to rethink her whole life and discover the power of mindfulness.

Employees want to to be empowered not constrained

Maria Hernandez

Michael Weaver talks about intrinsic motivation and the new value exchange between work and the individual.

Why not change money with common people like you?

Richard Davies

Taavet Hinrikus was Skype's employee number 1. His latest business, 'Transfer Wise', a peer to peer fx company was inspired by his frustration at getting ripped off by banks every time he transferred money from London back to Estonia.

Is data the next big thing, or this year's hype?

Richard Davies

Charles Ping, CEO of Fuel and brand data expert discusses the implications of who owns consumer data.

From hierarchies to networks

Richard Davies

Cyborg anthropologist MJ Petroni describes how we need to move from hierarchies to networks to be successful in the digital age.

What's the worst that can happen?

Richard Davies

Mary Jo Jacobi, the first keynote speaker on the PurpleBeach, shared some insights from her experiences of top level crisis management. Mary Jo has in her own words 'done some interesting things', having previously worked for 2 American Presidents, a Queen, a Prime Minister and a number of top corporate brands.

We're thinking of you

Richard Davies

How we're going to share what's going on at the Purple Beach experience with all of you who couldn't be here with us

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