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Postcards from 10:10:10

10:10:10 Postcard 13 – Some thoughts on innovation from MJ Petroni

Warren Weertman

From hierarchies to networks to innovate, some thoughts.

10:10:10 Postcard 12 – Some thoughts on innovation from Kyra Maya Phillips

Warren Weertman

18th century pirates as a source of innovation ...

10:10:10 Postcard 11 – Some thoughts on innovation from Andy Billings

Warren Weertman

Some thoughts on innovation from Andy Billings

10:10:10 Postcard 10 – Some thoughts on innovation from Doug Sundheim

Warren Weertman

Innovation has become an end unto itself. Rather, innovation is a habit.

10:10:10 Postcard 9 – The importance of language

Warren Weertman

A short postcard on the importance of language

10:10:10 Postcard 8 – The fear factor as a barrier to innovation

Warren Weertman

Some questions more than answers, but its some food for thought around fear …

10:10:10 Postcard 7 – Barriers to innovation

Paul Rein

Here’s a ranking of barriers based on the research conducted by PurpleBeach and Silverman Research

10:10:10 Postcard 6 – Leadership, management and brokerages …

Warren Weertman

Some thoughts on leadership and growth models.

10:10:10 Postcard 5 – Innovative work environments

Warren Weertman

How do you know when you're in an innovative environment? It's the vibe you get when you walk through the front door.

10:10:10 Postcard 4 – Silver bullets, focus groups and the status quo … traditional ways to innovate (or not)

Warren Weertman

How do organisations innovate? Here are some initial thoughts.

10:10:10 Postcard 3 – Introducing Our Experts

Warren Weertman

So who are the business leaders, thinkers and conversation partners here with us today? Here are some short introductory bios for you.

10:10:10 Postcard 2 – 10:10:10 and Innovation

Warren Weertman

Hi there, my name is Warren and I am the COO (Chief Observation Officer) here at today’s 10:10:10 event. I will be posting new postcards from the 10:10:10 throughout the day.

10:10:10 Postcard 1 – What is 10:10:10?

Warren Weertman

On Tuesday 13 August 2013 we are getting 10 experts to spend 10 hours together to see how they can overcome the 10 barriers that were identified in the research. We’re calling the event 10:10:10.

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