Postcards from the Beach

Something More for HR to Consider?

Warren Weertman

Given rising social and economic inequality and an ageing population in the developed world, I pose some questions for HR practitioners to think about.

A visionary leader can empower people to think differently in 2013

By Lindsay Levin

The debate over ethics, fairness and resource-sharing has become increasingly urgent in recent years. Business leaders are having to answer difficult questions – from the global to the personal – about purpose and values, and how these co-exist with profit.

PurpleBeach and the Dialogic Nature of Innovation

By Maijastiina Rouhiainen-Neunhäuserer

In rather rare cases an innovation think tank is genuinely built on real dialogue. When aiming to create genuine and exceptional ideas, non-rivalry is hard to avoid and it is challenging for people involved to open up and share their knowledge without reservations.

Meet Chris (The new rules of motivation)

By Todd Eden

Today is a good day. Not a cloud on the horizon, a warm evening sun kept fresh by a gentle sea breeze, it smells like mums kitchen on a Sunday lunch, and feels.... it feels like butterflies dancing in a meadow. This is Chris’ world, or to be precise, his internal world.

Trends: people's social innovation?

By Stephan Jackmuth

What is a trend? Is it the initial change momentum, where an increasing part of a population collectively, yet mainly unaware of each other, acts in a similar fashion? Or is it the wisdom of the crowd, acting on a shared sense of urgency and context, accelerated through social media and mobile technology?

Leading in time and space

By Nigel Linacre & Jefferson Cann

In a slower world, where a greater proportion of work had pre-determined outcomes, rooted in processes and systems, command control leadership and systems could be highly effective. Carrot and stick incentives were also usually adequate to drive performance

PurpleBeach and the Natural Inclusional Middle Way

By Alan Rayner

To a definitive mind, the sea shore is a dividing line, the cut-off zone where one world ends and another begins. That hard-line mentality has been embedded in the abstract logic and mathematics that underpins so-called rational thought and objective scientific method for millennia.

How Executive Gremlins are derailing 21st Century organization

By Dr Jacqui Grey

When Antonio Horta Osorio joined Lloyds bank in 2011 he was offered a package of £8.3m and hailed as a great leader. When he went on immediate sick leave some 8 months later, citing stress and overwork, shares plummeted, wiping £930m off the value of Lloyds banking group.

PurpleBeach – People Innovation in Action – an HR perspective!

By Heather Garrett

Innovation is a human activity that is a great leveller. PurpleBeach is promoting an agenda of ‘people innovation in action’. It assumes an environment and a way of thinking that promotes a level playing field for innovation to thrive.

A shift in work has exposed a power vacuum

By Jean Gomes

In a slower world, where a greater proportion of work had pre-determined outcomes, rooted in processes and systems, command control leadership and systems could be highly effective. Carrot and stick incentives were also usually adequate to drive performance

A new view on Employee Engagement

by Kassim Iris

"There is nothing permanent except change" as Heraclitus, the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher once said. Organizations operate in a much more complex, dynamically changing and less predictable environment than a few decades ago. As prices, products and technology can be easily reproduced by competitors, organizations recognize that their real competitive advantage rather lies in intangible assets, such as their human resources.

Essential role requirement: a bigger mind

By Oxana Popkova

When I ask experienced designers of executive education programmes what organisations should be doing less of to be more effective in developing top talent, the almost universal answer is "Competency models... especially at senior levels!"


By David Pinto

By contemplating the fundamental axioms of money in one's mind and by adopting collaborative financial protocols on a day to day basis, our entire body economic shifts from money-production to value co-creation, enabling us to act not as brutish, self-serving, politicking individuals...

Invisible Mentors - a Path to Success

By Avil Beckford

Over the years, many studies have shown the importance and benefits of mentoring relationships. Mentors and their protégés receive more salary increases and promotions. Mentors are your champions, you can bounce ideas off them, they open doors for you...

Do you look forward to Mondays?

By Richard Davies

When I set out on my career as a freelance employee engagement practitioner, I decided to call my company ‘ I Like Mondays’. At the time, I had three young kids (they’re now a bit older) and weekends were always totally exhausting.

The Colour of Innovation

By Kieran Hearty

There are many people who do not believe that they are creative, or innovative. I remember one colleague who said "I do not have a creative bone in my body!" There are others who believe they are very creative, probably true, and it's a real shame that not much comes to fruition as a result of all that out-of-the-box thinking!

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