What we do
  • We partner with you and your people to understand and solve your commercial challenges and to unlock opportunities
  • We won’t bombard you with complex theory and unwieldy models – we work with you, understanding your specific needs to identify how best we apply our experience and adapt our approaches
  • We challenge and provoke your thinking to unleash your business and people’s potential, by bringing innovative concepts, refreshing approaches and the latest thinking around how organisations and their people can perform at their best
  • We keep the commercial outcome at the heart of our approach, bringing a range of different perspectives and managing the people implications as part of the solution
  • We listen, we start small, we test, experiment, learn, adapt, scale and sustain, working collaboratively across your organization
  • We measure the impact of our work as it progresses, we build on what’s working and refine what needs to be improved
  • Whatever the solution to your challenge we enable you to implement it for yourselves with our partnership and support along the way
  • We provide an end-to-end range of People & Innovation Services which our experience allows us to tailor as driven by your needs and the business outcomes you are looking to achieve - ensuring your organisation is set up to face the future with the right people, inspired and equipped to do the best work of their lives to deliver great results

Our Products

Exponential Leadership

The world today is unpredictable and ever-changing, full of endless challenges and opportunities – so how do you as a leader navigate complexity and volatility whilst engaging your people and the crowds and communities around you, to future-proof your organisation. How do you make the most of the millennial workforce and become truly customer/consumer-focussed? We will partner with you leveraging thinking, principles and approaches from exponential organisations and start-ups and making them personally applicable to you and your organisation to ground and embed the required change.

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Let’s Get Digital

Helping organisations unpick the digital knot in a practical, relevant and digestible way. Everyone’s talking about digital but what does it actually mean? What do you as a leader need to pay attention to in a mobile world in which we are always on with infinite choice, to differentiate you and your organisation from the crowd? And more importantly where do you start? Three classic responses are set-up a digital team, throw the problem at your digital marketers or put in some new shiny systems before the robots arrive and take over…WRONG! We will help you put digital at the heart of your DNA and mindset to unlock opportunity for you and your customers.

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PurpleBeach Intelligence: Artificial and Human

When we work with clients, we are often asked to recommend great talent. We have in consequence decided to make this much more effective and have created a platform, which will be live soon! This platform will provide everyone working with us, with access to Talent (or Intelligence as we call it)... Even more exciting though, is that it will provide access to both Artificial and Human Intelligence!

HR goes

HR for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. So you work in HR? Isn’t all of this change your job? Scary isn’t it..and you’re not an expert in this surely? We will partner with you to help you understand how you can become the truly value-adding business disruptor and leader your business needs to face into and take full advantage of the challenges and opportunities the current world and the future have to offer. Together we will find the right solutions for your organisation and context.

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Future-proofing your organisation

Making the future a practical reality…so we’ve talked about disruptive change, exponential, digital, robots taking over the world etc…. but we’re still running a business aren’t we? We will help you make sense of what your future strategies and ambitions mean for how you run your business and ensure you are set up to face the future fit-for-purpose with the right people, doing the right things in the right way. Creating the conditions for your people to do the best work of their lives and making change happen from within!

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PurpleBeach on Demand - HR Hotline

Do you have key HR projects set for delivery in 2017 and would benefit from a Project Manager with a proven track record of successful delivery?
Do you often have requirements for an independent and HR experienced individual to manage your complex ER cases? Are you looking to update your current HR framework? Do you need new contracts, an Employee Handbook along with the supporting documents and processes?
Is 2017 the year to restructure and future-proof your business?
Subscribers are able to pick up the phone to a dedicated, professional and experienced Consultant for HR advice and guidance.
We commit to providing an experienced Consultant who can work with your business and respond to your needs. For any additional HR requirements, we can work remotely, face to face or using any other preferred medium of communication – we work the way that suits you best!

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