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Please contact Chrissy Greaves to discuss your subscription or to chat through any HR requirements you may have.

PurpleBeach are delighted to formally announce...

For a number of years, PurpleBeach has worked closely and successfully with a huge variety of businesses, both in the UK and Internationally, supporting Senior Management and Boards with their people strategy and operational requirements.

This has lead, very naturally, to also providing HR support, either for our smaller clients with no dedicated HR offering of their own or our medium to larger clients who may be undertaking projects or at peak times of activity require additional HR resource to guide, advise, support.

As a result of this success, we are delighted to formally announce the launch of "PurpleBeach on Demand" the new HR Hotline.

Subscribers will, for a monthly fee of £149.00, be able to pick up the phone to your dedicated, professional and experienced Consultant for HR advice and guidance. You will also receive our blog and newsletters which address business trends and challenges facing your business.

Additional support, guidance and advice can be provided, to suit your requirements. This could be on an hourly, weekly, or even retained basis. We will work with you to identify the most cost-effective way to ensure you get the support you require.

  • Do you have key HR projects set for delivery in 2017 and would benefit from a Project Manager with a proven track record of successful delivery?
  • Do you often have requirements for an independent and HR experienced individual to manage your complex ER cases?
  • Are you looking to update your current HR framework? Do you need new contracts, an Employee Handbook along with the supporting documents and processes?
  • Is 2017 the year to restructure and future-proof your business?

We are able to identify and connect you with individuals who are highly experienced in Development, Coaching and Innovation to further complement your business and complete the employee offering.

We commit to providing an experienced Consultant who can work with your business and respond to your needs. For any additional HR requirements, we can work remotely, face to face or by using any other preferred medium of communication – we work the way that suits you best!

The first 5 new clients to subscribe to PurpleBeach on Demand will receive an invitation to the...

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The Annual PurpleBeach Experience

Please contact Chrissy Greaves to discuss your subscription or to chat through any HR requirements you may have.

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