PurpleBeach on Demand

For a number of years, PurpleBeach has worked closely and successfully with a huge variety of businesses, both in the UK and Internationally, supporting Senior Management and Boards with their people strategy and operational requirements.
This has lead, very naturally, to also providing HR support, either for our smaller clients with no dedicated HR offering of their own or our medium to larger clients who may be undertaking projects or at peak times of activity require additional HR resource to guide, advise, support.

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Brexit Schmexit! The Robots are Coming!

You are invited to join the PurpleBeach team for our first breakfast get-together of 2017.
As we wave goodbye to 2016 we reflect on the endless change we are seeing all around us in every aspect of our world, with unexpected events and unpredictable outcomes at every turn.
We have heard a lot of talk about Brexit and understanding the implications for businesses big and small, but the constant relentless change and the pace of progress we are experiencing as we embark on a Fourth Industrial Revolution means that the increasing complexities, challenges and opportunities organisations and leaders are facing are much broader and ubiquitous than we ever imagined.

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Reflections on keeping innovation alive in big corporations.

Annemie Ress - Creative and Diverse - How can large corporations preserve their innovation spark?

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