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MyPhotoSchool gallery #PurpleBeachLaunch

By David Taylor

MyPhotoSchool hosted a live photographic exhibition at #purplebeachlaunch. More about the experience of the Purple Beach live photo exhibition from MyPhotoSchool tutor and photographer David Taylor soon on the blog

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#PurpleBeachLaunch gallery

By Artur Ring

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The Peril of Silent Organisations in a Noisy World

by Jean Gomes

"Can we change, before change is forced upon us?" This was the habitual question I observed the European CEO of one the world's then most iconic brands asking his company 13 years ago. The response was, in large part, silence. Silence about the lack of innovation, agility, trust amongst teams and real customer insight. Today the company is a shadow of its former self. For over a decade, there were countless opportunities to seize control over its destiny and restore its relevancy. What part did silence play?
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Event Photography #PurpleBeachLaunch


In this article, landscape photographer David Taylor tries his hand at event photography at the launch of a new innovation in leadership programme called PurpleBeach and reports back on how he gets on.

Event photographers are a special breed. Unflappable. Stoic. Good with people. Able to think on their feet and make snap decisions. I’m a landscape photographer. My special qualities? I don’t mind getting wet. However, I’m happy to stretch myself occasionally. And so I became an event photographer for the day at the launch of a new Internet start-up, PurpleBeach. The launch was held at the Audi Quattro Rooms in London and was attended by the brightest and best Internet entrepreneurs of the moment.
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Co-Creating a live learning narrative

by Julian Stodd - E-Learning Director, Europe

I’m at a conference today where we’re using a live Twitter stream to co-create a shared learning narrative, using a range of media to explore innovation and creativity. There’s poetry, presentations, yoga and films, interviews, a book festival and conversations galore. It’s a bold departure from the usual format of these things and i like how it’s willing to try some more creative approaches to building a narrative.

Formal learning events are great, but they often create abstract knowledge. They can have relevance on the day, but fail to make the transition back to your everyday reality. Events like this help bridge the gap in two ways: firstly, being semi formal, they’re more willing to explore the wider and richer languages of learning, and, secondly, by allowing for the dynamic co-creation of a narrative, they create meaning. In other words, the experiences are rich, dynamic and result in stories with meaning to me as an individual, rather than just being relevant to the organisation.

This event brings together people with wide perspectives, divergent viewpoints. The very difference creates conversations, and conversations are where we co-create meaning. We need to create spaces for these things to happen, to be bold enough to speak and use the wider and richer languages of learning. These are things that we engage with: they challenge our conservative views, they force us to broaden our perspective.

What the outcome will be, i don’t yet know, but i do know that today will create disturbance in my thinking, and I’ll be part of the shared narrative that we create from that.

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PurpleBeach Launch presentations

Releasing creativity and innovation in the corporate world

By Stephen Brooks and Philip Allen

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The United Nations Evolution

By Max Kalis

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The Future of People Innovation

By Richard Nicholls, Future Foundation

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Social Media & Employee Voice

By Michael Silvermann

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What others said about us...

An 'aha monent' is...

  • AHA innovation is a state, a craft and perhaps only a science when it's all of the above
  • Aha a purplebeach is a good way to stir the creative juices
  • Things falling into place when I stop eagerly pursuing them
  • Aha - make time to watch the waves, as you'll not know when to swim or surf. Only swimming or surfing means you'll miss the bigger picture
  • Resisting the obvious option (e.g. HSBC advertising opportunity) and being thought provoking
  • Empathy (in business growth). Feel what other people feel. Do it authenticity - true empathy
  • Gap analysis is wrong!
  • Aha crises have a start middle end - what u do at the start shapes
  • If we remove formal roles and the mandate that goes with them we force people to collaborate in different ways. Not a silver bullet but worth an experiment
  • My aha moment: How difficult it is to translate aha moments in language!
  • Don't just encourage your kids, help them to believe in the possible, even impossible
  • Not your father's conference...
  • Spend some time to relax and find your eye of the storm
  • Within any group of people there is the opportunity to communicate, collaborate and create
  • Superb start @ThePurpleBeach with poetry mash & performance art- brilliant #innovation and mini #purplebeachaha
  • Tagging is made to manage chaos
  • Centres of information vs. centres of power; they are very different indeed!
  • Shared love of stationery! Staedtler Fineliners rule!
  • Cyber anthropology, exciting!
  • Gravity and different levels of orbit. Engagement via orbit - pull in not push out info
  • Sparked thoughts on how I can get digital with our learning audience to attract them to the learning to have the pull effect
  • Cycling to work is a lot more pleasant in the sunshine
  • This is a process in motion. Be open for anything and have no pre-conceptions
  • Why create learning program's when you can create learning experiences?
  • Do the important stuff when prefrontalcortex is awake
  • Do important (as against easy) stuff in the morning rather than leaving it for the end of the day
  • Create habits. Take actions. Take risks. Hard wiring
  • More solitude is required = time to think. In time = opportunity to know myself more.
  • Permission to play is critical. How can I do more of this?
  • If you want time you have to make it
  • It really is all about BEING ...
  • Wait to make/change habits?  See BJ Fogg's Behaviour Model. Awesome.
  • In 5 years if you walk into an interview without a rich Facebook page, interviewer may ask where have you been? Prison?
  • You have zero privacy anyway, get over it
  • We have a finite reservoir of will power / discipline. And generally we use it on the wrong tasks
  • Sometimes the only way to experience something is to jump in feet first
  • 5 aha moments so far plus 3 good ideas to implement. Enjoying a chill out thinking/reflection day
  • Do what you love
  • I need to find more space to think. So I have decided to take up Yoga
  • Definitely starting each day with a warrior pose from this day forward!
  • Creativity and ahas are better in the morning . . .
  • Mine came during a recent webinar with Bruce Limpton. That the current generation are much less attached to the structures, and as such will be less impacted when they fail as they will. So the future truly is with our children. I feel that as an elder that is awake to what is going on in the world that I can help support their development.
  • Audacity and purpose
  • It's all quite simple. It's not rocket science ... feeling inspired by Ed Lu
  • What was so powerful about today was that letting go of a determined outcome. I got so much more from being open to new possibilities as a result
  • Current business paradigm makes me *yawn*
  • My overwhelming aha was actually when I came home after yesterday's Purple Beach. It was a feeling of safety and comfort. I think because of working with so many people who have similar values to me. I often work with people who don't. Which is challenging. I now think I will feel less alone due to PurpleBeach
  • Purpose/ self-actualisation as the basis for managing digital world, workload, expectations at home and work
  • From the dancers ... Flow = intimacy with the moment - openness, trust, vulnerability, energy, awareness, connection, relationship and joy, no failure, only experience and growth
  • With purpose, fear is overcome - "I don't care -I have to do this." The "freedom of no choice..."
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