Exponential Leadership

Getting game-ready to bring out the best in yourself and your people in a VUCA world:

The world today is unpredictable and ever-changing, full of endless challenges and opportunities – so how do you as a leader navigate complexity and volatility whilst engaging your people and the crowds and communities around you, to future-proof your organisation. How do you make the most of the millennial workforce and become truly customer/consumer-focussed? We will partner with you leveraging thinking, principles and approaches from exponential organisations and start-ups and making them personally applicable to you and your organisation to ground and embed the required change. We will explore the following areas with you:

  • Are you brave enough to be human? Ironically the increasing digitalisation and automation all around us and the robot-revolution require you to be more human than ever and lead in a very different way. The best and most effective leaders are the most curious, ask the most questions, seek to maximise input and inclusivity, and are not afraid to show their human-side and vulnerability – are you brave enough?
  • Unlocking innovation and creative leadership – create the conditions and necessary headspace to unleash potential, experimentation, creativity and growth (mindfulness, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, energy management)
  • Workforce of the future – how to get, grow and keep the best people across a multi-generational workforce
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