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Overcoming the Fear to Innovate by Warren Weertman

We are constantly reminded of the need to innovate. But so often there are barriers in the way to innovation.

This book looks at three barriers to innovation: fear, language and motivation and how some of the tools in the Future Studies toolkit can help you overcome these barriers.

But how do you innovate in a constantly changing world?

Part of the solution lies in understanding how resources, technology, demographics and governance drive change and innovation.

In addition to helping you understand these drivers of change, this book discusses several tools to help you overcome barriers to innovation.

Some of the tools discussed include:

  • Using the Ladder of Inference to understand your Mental Models;
  • Using Causal Layered Analysis to understand an organisation's Mental Models; and
  • Using Scenario Planning to overcome fear, language and motivation as barriers to innovation.

How do I get a copy of the book?

The book can be purchased by clicking on this Buy Now button:

The price is £5.99

Thinking Ahead an Ebook by Warren Weertman

“To innovate, leaders need to live in the future”. That was the message that I took home from a hackathon I recently attended. The problem with the statement is that often, people don’t know where to start.

How exactly do you “live in the future”?

To help you along, I have put together a book with my top 10 tips for living in the future. These tips are based on some of the blogs that I have recently been writing for PurpleBeach about Future Studies.

What is Future Studies?

For me, Future Studies is about making a real and positive impact in organisations by identifying possible, probable and preferable futures. Future Studies has a number of tools to help organisations identify possible, probable, and preferable futures. I cover some of these tools in my book.

How do I get a copy of the book?

The book is available, electronically, on this page.

The price is £5.99

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on contactus@purplebeach.com.

I hope you can take some time out to consider my "thinking aloud" about living in the future that this writing represents. It would also be great to connect with you and share your thoughts and ideas on how you live in the future. I really believe that by sharing our ideas we can make innovation happen.

8 Qualities to Unlock Everyday Innovation

A book by Ai Khim Tuang

  • What is everyday innovation?
  • What is the role of motivation?
  • What manager qualities do you need to unlock the innovative potential of a team member?

In this manager’s handbook, Ai Khim Tuang answers the questions above. Drawing on research and her own experience, she shares 8 must-have qualities that managers need to unlock and optimise each team member’s potential to be innovative in their day-to-day work. This handbook is filled with practical examples on how each quality looks like at the workplace.

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