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We have decided to opt for a Curatorship, rather than a Membership model. Curatorship implies caring and taking care of… which a PurpleBeach needs.

Curatorship registration is FREE.

Benefits of Curatorship include:

  • Each curator will receive a personal log-in to access curator-only content.
  • Access to all the research content, reports and guides, as well as copies of the research reports (where these are not open-sourced published).
  • Access to our Thought Partners and Experts
  • Invitations to our activities before we open them up to non-Curators (wider-public)
  • Exclusive curator-only events
  • Curators can post their profile on our website, including links to interesting work, blogs and activities they are taking part in
  • Curators can also be invited to take part in our research projects and present at our experiences


All we ask of you in return is to help us care for the PurpleBeach and actively contribute to its constant evolution.

A core principle that we seek to work to is that of freedom and allowing the PurpleBeach to evolve. We therefore intend a regular review of what is and isn’t working and will share the lessons we learn along the way.


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