Carl Grinter

Carl Grinter

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Surprise as a form of meaning-making in the world

The pervasive nature of personal connectivity has created a new means of affective influence of individuals, groups and communities that has reshaped the ‘real politik' of the everyday. Brands, politicians and governments try to generate a contagious affect to create influence and move people to action with emotive pledges and pleas. With the excess of affect in Western societies influencing the speed of change, its difficult to know what to believe. Meaning is becoming much more subjective, creating a shift away from mainstream cultures to movement based groups and gatherings. The rising interest in self-awareness and mindfulness as a form of creating meaning is a partial antidote to the narcolepsy Western societies are enforcing on its populations.

Surprise is a fleeting but powerful ancillary affect that creates self awareness through creative engagement with the world emerging from the curious mind. Come and find out more about how to utilise surprise as a form of differential insight and challenge meaning through a self-awareness of self in relation to the world as a form of meaning-making.

Carl Grinter
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