The Energy Project

The Energy Project

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In a world of increasing demand and diminishing resources, leaders are working more hours, spending more time outside work tethered to digital devices, and taking less time to reflect, renew and prioritise. As a result, they’re increasingly exhausted, overwhelmed, and disengaged. It’s not a sustainable way of working for individuals or for organisations - how can we thrive in the storm?

The Energy Project is an organisation founded on 30 years of research into the science of human high performance. We understand that an increase in capacity is the key to unleashing value. Leaders are frustrated at being unable to deliver their full potential, willing but not able to bring their wide range of skills, knowledge and insights to their organisations' biggest challenges.

How many days do you wake up, jump out of bed and shout with excitement ready to embrace the day ahead?! This ‘maximiser' is about understanding that we're at our best when moving between expending and intermittently renewing our four core energy needs: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. How are you managing your energy right now…?

The Energy Project
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