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Date Posted: April, 30 2013

The Peril of Silent Organisations in a Noisy World

by Jean Gomes

"Can we change, before change is forced upon us?" This was the habitual question I observed the European CEO of one the world's then most iconic brands asking his company 13 years ago. The response was, in large part, silence. Silence about the lack of innovation, agility, trust amongst teams and real customer insight. Today the company is a shadow of its former self. For over a decade, there were countless opportunities to seize control over its destiny and restore its relevancy. What part did silence play?
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Event Photography #PurpleBeachLaunch


In this article, landscape photographer David Taylor tries his hand at event photography at the launch of a new innovation in leadership programme called PurpleBeach and reports back on how he gets on.

Event photographers are a special breed. Unflappable. Stoic. Good with people. Able to think on their feet and make snap decisions. I’m a landscape photographer. My special qualities? I don’t mind getting wet. However, I’m happy to stretch myself occasionally. And so I became an event photographer for the day at the launch of a new Internet start-up, PurpleBeach. The launch was held at the Audi Quattro Rooms in London and was attended by the brightest and best Internet entrepreneurs of the moment.
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Co-Creating a live learning narrative

by Julian Stodd - E-Learning Director, Europe

I’m at a conference today where we’re using a live Twitter stream to co-create a shared learning narrative, using a range of media to explore innovation and creativity. There’s poetry, presentations, yoga and films, interviews, a book festival and conversations galore. It’s a bold departure from the usual format of these things and i like how it’s willing to try some more creative approaches to building a narrative.

Formal learning events are great, but they often create abstract knowledge. They can have relevance on the day, but fail to make the transition back to your everyday reality. Events like this help bridge the gap in two ways: firstly, being semi formal, they’re more willing to explore the wider and richer languages of learning, and, secondly, by allowing for the dynamic co-creation of a narrative, they create meaning. In other words, the experiences are rich, dynamic and result in stories with meaning to me as an individual, rather than just being relevant to the organisation.

This event brings together people with wide perspectives, divergent viewpoints. The very difference creates conversations, and conversations are where we co-create meaning. We need to create spaces for these things to happen, to be bold enough to speak and use the wider and richer languages of learning. These are things that we engage with: they challenge our conservative views, they force us to broaden our perspective.

What the outcome will be, i don’t yet know, but i do know that today will create disturbance in my thinking, and I’ll be part of the shared narrative that we create from that.



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